Friday, July 28, 2006

I Could Have Sworn I Was Someplace Else

Vince and Sydney sweatin at the reception
Bride and Groom = Happiness and Love
The Family

I have to tell you all about this beautiful "event" we attended last weekend. Vince's cousin (our cousin) got married last Saturday. This was the most beautiful wedding, no stone was left unturned. It was a beautiful ceremony and the bride and groom were smiling all day long. On to the meaning behind the title of this post. As all you Californian's know, last Saturday was a VERY hot day! The church did not have A/C but the bride and groom had planned for that (prior to knowing there was going to be a major heat wave). They handed out hand made fans to all the guests so one could fan themselves while enjoying the vows. So, fast forwarding to the reception. This reception was at a beautiful place, on a golf course, truly 5 star. After sitting in the church sweating (even though we had our fans) we were all excited to get to the reception and into a nice air conditioned room. They say that all weddings have a little "thing" that doesn't go as planned (for some this is truly a little thing, for others it's a bigger thing). Well the "little" thing that happened at this wedding was that the A/C in the reception hall broke shortly after we all arrived. It was blazin hot in this room and we just had our handy dandy fans to keep us cool (Thank God for those fans). I have been told that the room got to 117 degrees that night. It was crazy hot but the bride and groom kept smiling despite their cake that started to melt in the heat and despite the sweat that was pooling up on everyones forehead, upper lip, you name it, there was sweat there. But you know, looking back, even though the heat was absolutely miserable, it was still a WONDERFUL time and an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day. We had a blast at this wedding and it was so great to see this wonderful couple finally get married (they have been dating for 10 years I think). They both looked so happy and it just gave me a wonderful sense of joy to spend this special day with them. This couple also did several things to make it not just a day about them. One of the things they did that has completely left me with a feeling of everlasting graciousness is they made a donation to the Susan G Komen Foundation in my honor. The week before the wedding I got a certificate stating they had done this and I was a little perplexed but once I got to the reception it all made perfect sense. Not only did they make a donation in my honor but their favors were pink "Sharing The Promise" bracelets for everyone favors pictured here
and another shot of the card that accompamied the favors here
What a wonderful tribute to those with breast cancer and those with cancer period. I can not express how much this meant to me. I will be forever grateful and words can not say how appreciative I am for their true thoughtfulness, kindness, generosity, and love. May they have a wonderful life together! Here's to a beautiful bride and groom. xoxo
Their 1st Dance
Shelby and Sydney


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