Monday, March 17, 2008

Mini Vacation To The Coast

He looks grumpy

Ahhhh, how cute

The view from our balcony

Brrrrrr it's chilly out here

Vince and I took a mini vacation (as in one night stay) to San Simeon this past weekend. The weather was clear but windy and chilly. It was very nice to get away though. One of the coolest parts of our little vacation was seeing the elephant seals. The babies that were born a month or so ago were still on the beach so we got to see them up close. There was a guide there and she gave us so much information on these fascinating mammals. I just love this kind of thing so it was right up my alley. We want to go back during mating and birthing season next time as it sounds pretty cool to see. I was also surprised at how blue the ocean was down there. We have not been to that area of the coast since our honeymoon almost 9 years ago but I don't remember the water being so blue back then, maybe it's just that the water here is so brown....Haaaa...


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