Monday, December 17, 2007

Spelling Lesson

Isn't he sweet
The girls and their kitty

Sydney has been into sounding words out and asking how to spell them or telling me what letter they start with. Well, lasy night Sydney was sounding out the word SIT, so she says, "Mom, SIT starts with S" and I say, "yes" and then she says how do you spell it and I say, "SIT" and then she asks "Is there an H in it?" Haaaaaaa...well Nooooo but I suppose if we were spelling S*it there would be. I of course didn't say that but I sure laughed when she asked if there was an H in it....I swear she makes me laugh when shes not even trying to.

Well I am off to UC Davis tomorrow to meet with the Oncologist there that will hopefully be administering my chemo so I don't have to drive to Stanford every week. Other then that not much else going on besides the usual Christmas shopping and baking cookies.


Blogger Jeri said...

kitties and cookies and two beautiful girls....can I come?
Hope the OnCo visit is productive.
Saw your x-mas card at my sisters, it's really lovely, you look great!
Have a great holiday with your family...xoxo

10:05 AM  

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