Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Blaze Of Glory

So last night was AWESOME!!!!! Vince and I went to the DAUGHTRY/Bon Jovi concert and we had amazing seats. WE were only 7 rows from the front and pretty close to the center. This by far was the best show so far that I have seen because I was so close and as always they sounded AMAZING!!!! I am not going to write alot just that I am obssessed with these guys (well Chris to be exact) and Bon Jovi isn't half bad either. They were both incredible and I would see this show a 100 times more if I could, it was that good!!! These are just a few of the great pictures I took from my great seats. I hope you all enjoy as much as I did. Oh, and Chris and Bon Jovi singing Blaze of Glory together, well let me just doesn't get any better then that!!! In all my glory today........


Blogger Jeri said...

cole's grandma is gonna be sooo jealous you saw bon jovi!! I'm glad you had an awesome...a bit jealous too!

5:34 PM  
Blogger sis143 said...

Can I say Woo Hoo I can tell you had some awesome seats and i love all your pictures but the one of you and Vinny looks U xoxo sista boo

7:08 PM  

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