Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lots of Dancing Going On

Sydney started ballet and tap this week and she loved it. She was so focused and into what the teacher was telling them to do, it was so cute. They have already started learning a ballet and tap routine to perform for us in December. As of today I am dancing right along side her. I got the results of the PET scan I had done last week and there is no evidence of disease in my liver. Yes, the liver looks absolutely FINE!!! My bones still show "activity" but the words out of my doctors moouth were, "At this time you do not have life threatening disease in your body"! That was music to my ears, I have been waiting 3 years to hear words like that. It is all a bit surreal as I am feeling cautiously optimistic as the way breast cancer "normally" goes areas can be free of cancer but someday it usually does come back but for now we are just focusing on the positive and that is that 1. I get to stop chemo, 2. I get to grow some hair back, 3. My life is not on the line from cancer currently, 4. I will be doing a lot of celebrating this holiday season, 5. My liver is functioning completely normal and appears to be very healthy, and the list goes on and on. So put on your dancing shoes and do a little jig with me tonight as this is the news we have all been hoping to hear.


Blogger Jeri said...

OMGOMGOMG...I have chills!!!
This is sooo amazingly awesome....

6:02 PM  
Blogger Dolores said...

Congratulations; that is really
FABULOUS news!!! We are thrilled
for you and your family. :~))

6:03 PM  
Blogger sis143 said...

I am crying tears of joy!!!! This is the best xmas gift ever!!! I love my sister xoxo

7:47 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

WOW - You are a walking talking living miracle! Praise God for your recent news and progress toward defeating your cancer! You are such an inspiration every day - reminding us that we all need to slow down and appreciate all the daily blessings of our lives. Thanks for that. So many people are praying for you, thanks for what you share with all of us! Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones! Cheryl Meyer

9:11 PM  

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