Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tis The Season

Isn't he a handsome kitty. I love this picture of Stormy.
Well it's been very busy around here getting ready for the big man in the red suit to make his annual appearance. For the first time ever I have actually finished shopping and wrapping before Christmas Eve, that is a huge accomplishment for me. Sydney's dance class had a little Christmas performance which was so cute and Shelby had her school choir "December Around the World" performance which was also great. It's so fun to see them doing so many fun things this time of year. We are spending Christmas Eve at my sister's which is guaranteed to be a good time and then Christmas Day we are staying home and enjoying our pj's and a nice warm fire in the fireplace (well as long as the air quality permits us to burn a fire). I have been slacking on keeping the blog up to date but for the most part there is not much to report. Just the same holiday busies like everyone else. I am feeling good on my new treatment and I love that I don't have to spend every Monday at the cancer center getting treatment. This has been such a nice break for me. I will have a PET scan on January 6th and I am thinking we will still have great news like we did last time and I will be able to continue on my current treatment. I guess I didn't realize before how much energy I didn't have because although I knew I would tire easily, I have a lot more energy now that I have stopped the chemo. This "extra" energy has really come in handy with all the hustle and bustle of the season. We are wishing everyone a very safe and happy holiday filled with laughter and love and may 2009 bring health and lots of good times to everyone. Merry Christmas!!


Blogger Jeri said...

Very Merry to you and yours. Enjoy all the good things that come your way and continued good news in the new year. xoxo jeri

8:58 AM  

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