Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gearing Up For Some Fun

The girls are out of school right now so we decided to plan another last minute trip, next week we are headed to see Mickey. This time it is not a surprise as my daughters just don't do well with surprises. We are excited and we are hoping all the rain we are having now will pass by the time we get there. Syndey has already informed us that she gets to pick the first ride we go on and that is going to be Alica in Wonderland. I guess starting her off last year with Pirates of the Carribean wasn't the best way to break her into the "happiest place on earth". We are really looking forward to our family vacation and to Vince having a week off work. I have already fully booked his "vacation schedule" between Disneyland and repainting Shelby's room, by the end of his vacation he's going to need a vacation. Haaaa...


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