Monday, February 02, 2009

No More Surprises

Well Shelby was definately surprised with her birthday gift but at first I was a little concerned because it went over like the time we told Sydney we were going to the beach and ended up at Disneyland. That began in tears and so did the cooking surprise. The dinner assembly place was behind our dentist office so as we pulled in the parking lot I JOKINGLY said, "were going to the dentist" well then I parked the car and Shelby asked me, "what are you up to?" I was laughing because I was excited for her surprise and I figured she had figured it out when we drove by the sign that said Dinner My Way. Well apparently she didn't read that sign and next thing I know she is breaking out in tears so I ask what's wrong and she replies, "I didn't want to go to the dentist!" I can't believe she thought I was serious. How mean of a mom would that have made the end it all worked out. I made a little video of her big day. She had lots of fun and she is looking forward to going back. We have eaten 2 of the meals she prepared and I must say, they have both been quite tasty!!


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