Sunday, April 09, 2006

Another Good One

We had another fun weekend. We went to a birthday party on Saturday. The party was at a place where the kids got to pick out a piece of pottery and then paint it. Shelby and Sydney had fun painting their pottery. They will get their works of art back in about a week. I am anxious to see how my little Picaso's "pieces" turn out. After the party we went to my niece's softball game which was lots of fun. Sydney had a blast cheering on the team. The team name is the Super Swampers however, Sydney has renamed the team the Swooper Wampers. Sydney is going to make a great cheerleader someday, providing she can get the name of the team she is cheering for right. After the game, my nephew came back to our house for a sleep over. Shelby and him had a blast playing (as usual). They are such good buddies, it's too cute. All in all, a very nice weekend with family!


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