Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Look Alikes

Uncle Junior AKA Vince

Caillou AKA Nichol

Vince's glasses broke a few weeks ago and he has been wearing his prescription safety glasses while his new pair of glasses are on order. Me being the kidding and loving to give my husband a hard time type of wife have found a new name for Vince, Uncle Junior (Uncle June for short). Anyone familiar with the show The Sopranos will know who I am talking about. Last night I was joking around with Vince and once again called him "Uncle June" and he replied, "Ok, Caillou" We cracked up. So I guess he thinks (with my bald head these days) that I am starting to resemble the PBS cartoon character Caillou. Sick humor that we have with one another but we sure got a good laugh, so I guess that's a good thing. They say laughter is really good for a person. That is one thing I do everyday, laugh....


Blogger Deanna said...

I promise Vinnie's glasses are coming! I won't torture you anymore Nic!! haha

8:44 AM  

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