Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Are They Trying To Attract The Male's

I saw a commercial for this today. What is Mattel doing? Are they trying to pick up some boys for their Barbie line? I mean Ken was cool, a boy could play with that doll without his father thinking he was going to turn out "soft". This is a whole new concept, this Barbie comes with a dog that you feed dog biscuits to and then it goes to the bathroom, poop, yes, they do show those lovely dog droppings on the site with the description of this new Barbie. I was never too fond of the baby dolls that wet or whatever but a dog that poops and it even comes with a magnetic scoop to clean up after him. What's next? Someone is running out of ideas in the toy making industry, or should I say, "good ideas". I'm curious to see how these dolls sell and if the kids that want them will try to use the handy magnetic scoop to try to clean up after their real pets at home. Eweeeee!!!


Blogger Sis said...

ok this is just gross...especially since i had to clean up after the real dogs we had as a child..Mattel is going crazy!!!!

2:31 PM  

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