Friday, October 05, 2007

Until Next Time

So I attended my 4th Daughtry concert last night and as usual HE WAS AMAZING!!! He sounds great live and he is so cute when he interacts with the audience (well he's pretty much cute all the time but you know what I mean). I took my niece to the concert for our birthdays and I think she had fun too. This was her first concert and I may have made a die hard Daughtry fan out of her. After the concert I was again determined to try and get another autograph and picture with the man himself but after waiting around for an hour in the very windy, cold night I decided that I needed to accept the fact that he probably wasn't coming out and that I needed to get my niece home because she had school the following day. I tried to attach a couple videos of a few of my favorite moments from the concert but for some reason they wouldn't upload so I will have to work on that so for now I will add a few pictures of our fun evening. So these pictures and memories will have to hold me over until next time he is in Northern California, which I am hoping will be soon. I am officially addicted to DAUGHTRY and I'm not afraid to say it.


Blogger Becca said...

sounds like a fun time. Cute photos!

9:40 PM  

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