Saturday, June 16, 2007

Summertime Fun

The girls before their first lesson
Sydney hangin on for dear life

The girls started swim lessons last week. Shelby has taken lessons for the past few years but this is the first year for Sydney. The first day she was all for it but then she knew what to expect so day two involved some tears and a death grip on her teachers neck. We did have a big laugh though. I was putting her swimsuit on her and had pulled it up to her waist when she said, "Mommy, wedgie" well I reached around to help out with that but did not think the suit was in a "wedgie" position. It wasn't until a few seconds later, when I went looking for one of the straps for her suit that I realized where the wedgie was coming from. One of the straps for her suit was in the "thong" position hence the "Mommy wedgie" remark...Shelby and I had a big laugh about that one, Sydney did not find it as funny.....


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