Monday, November 05, 2007


Thought I would post some pictures of us carving pumpkins as well as the final results (thank goodness for Pumpkin Masters carving kits). Also, some pics of the girls on Halloween. We ended up going to the carnival at our church Halloween night and what a great experience. The girls got to play lots of games, they had tons of jumpy houses, and they got of course way too much candy. We have been busy lately so I am a little behind in posting but next up will be pictures from this past weekend. My niece turned 14 so we went to Clovis for her b-day party. More on that later but let's just say, she is growing up and she is a beautiful girl both inside and out. I hate to brag but she really is an amazing child!!!! Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!!


Blogger Dolores said...

Awesome punkins!!! Cute costumes, too.. Can't believe how grown-up your girls are getting; they are beautiful.

9:00 AM  

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