Sunday, October 15, 2006

His New Ride

A few weeks ago we were driving down the road and saw a truck with a dog in the back of it. I had a thought that it would be so fun take our dogs with us on trips. We are unable to do this really because our Beagle gets car sick and our Lab tends to smell up the inside of the Tahoe from time to time, so taking the dogs is not all that fun. Back to the story of us driving down the road...Vince and I got to talking and decided maybe we should go back to being a truck owner so we could travel with pets (may have been a little more of my decision then his). In less then a week the Tahoe was gone and Vinny was driving a new Avalanche. For everyone that knows me, this is so my style. I get a little itch and it's off to buy a new car. We are enjoying the new truck very much but it seems Jake our labrador is also loving it too. He took his first ride with dad Sunday and loved every minute of freedom with the wind blowing through his jowls. He's a very happy dog...He will be traveling with Dad to work for the next few days as we are having some work done on our yard. I think he is gonna think he has died and gone to heaven. This may turn into a permanent arrangement which I think would be just fine with him, beats hanging out in the backyard all day. Look at this face though, isn't he sweet!!!


Blogger Sis said...

Jake he looks so cute and happy in the back of his new ride...That would be a good thing if he can do this couple times a week it would be a good bonding from him and Vinnie...xo

3:30 PM  
Blogger Hothousemomma said...

I love the look. "you taking a photo of me". To cute!

5:08 PM  

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