Thursday, November 09, 2006

She's In Preschool

Sydney started preschool today...She's only going twice a week for just a couple hours so I'm pretty ok with it but I am still in denial that my baby is of preschool age already. Last week we went and checked out the preschool and on our way there she told me to drive faster because her bell was going to ring. I guess she is used to hearing her big sissy's school bell ring she figured her school would have a bell too. When I dropped her off today she walked right in and then said, "Bye Mommy". I guess she had no reservations about it. She's such a big girl now. Well that's about it. I will be posting in the next few days about my surprise trip to Oklahoma last weekend. It was great!!! Enjoy your weekend!


Blogger Sis said...

She's such a big girl...You forgot tell about her first art project and how she made it for her auntie....he he..xoxoxoxo

2:47 PM  

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