Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tricks and Treats

The girls at the pumpkin patch
Can you find us??

Vamptessa and Blue

Whose this guy? John Travolta or Vinny?

What do you think of our pumpkins?

The Midnight Fairy and her Pegasus

Thought I would post some pictures from our trip to the pumpkin patch as well as pictures of the girls and Vince dressed up for a Halloween party we attended last weekend (I managed to not get captured in any of those shots) and then pictures of the girls and our lovely pumpkins on Halloween night. The girls had lots of fun trick or treating although we did have a "funny experience". Shelby rings the doorbell and her and Sydney wait patiently for someone to answer (I stand close by watching). A family emerges and they seem to be very excited for us to be on their doorstep. Husband walks out with a video camera and digital camera in hand. Wife asks, "How do I say this?" and points to a sign hanging on her porch that says, "Trick or Treat". At first I look at the sign thinking, OH darn, does it say "Do Not Disturb" or something like that, but no, just your everyday Halloween decoration. After they give the girls candy the wife asks me (with a very thick accent) how she is suppose to respond when the kids say, "Trick or Treat" I tell her, " Well you don't really have to say anything, just give them candy and they should say Thank you and then you say Bye" (seems pretty basic to me, maybe she was thinking she needed to also perform a trick for them). The family then asks if we could do them a favor and take their picture, through my head the thoughts occur that say, "What the heck is wrong with these people, they want me to take their picture, can't they see I am out trick or treating with my family, geez"...So I say Yes. I focus the camera on them (husband, wife and son I am assuming) and they say, "come on girls, get in the picture" the next thought through my head is, Hmmmm..maybe I should purposely cut the girls out of the shot when I take the picture, do I want these people to have a picture with my children?" I decide they seem "normal" and out of a little fear that after I snap the picture they will review it on their digital and point out that I have failed to get the girls in the picture, so, I take a picture of all 5 of them. This was pretty funny but I think it was also very cute, it appeared these people were new to the USA and judging by their accents and enthusiam I think this may have been their first Halloween here, I hope we made it enjoyable for them, they certainly made it so for us.


Blogger Sis said...

Thanks for the cute pictures of the girls vinnie and wow those pumkins are to cool...You are so crafty...I'm jealous...I love the story and you sound just like Mom when you talk about hmmm should i include the girls in the photo of the family's 1st halloween...See you tommorow....Love you Sis xoxoxoxoo

5:02 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

i love those pumpkins! The girls look so cute. I hope Sydney got a lot of candy. Vinnie looks like a mexican JJ - DYNOMITE!

6:21 PM  
Blogger Hothousemomma said...

Those are awesome! Barry said you guys are showoffs.
The girls look so cute. When I firs saw the blues clues I was wondering wear the pegasus was!

7:24 PM  

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