Monday, January 29, 2007

Like Pulling Teeth

I have had a busy week getting ready to start my new treatment regimine. I received the results from my brain MRI which all was normal so that was wonderful news and my heart scan was normal as well. In the mean time I developed a terrible toothache. Friday I was able to find a dentist to take a look at the tooth well, that dentist did not see anything wrong with the tooth on x-ray and thought I was clenching my teeth at night so he recommended getting a mouth guard to sleep with and he wanted to see me back in a week. So, off to Longs I went to purchase the lovely football sleeping gear. This thing was so uncomfortable and I had a hard time sleeping with it in my mouth because it was making my tooth hurt even worse. So I woke up Saturday and decided I just wanted the darn tooth pulled. I knew it had to be a bigger problem then clenching my teeth because the pain was terrible. I hit phone book in search for a dentist open on Saturdays. I found one and rushed over to their office. Well to make a long story a little shorter, after 3 hours of waiting to see if they would pull the cracked tooth (yes, more then clenching, tooth cracked in half) and several calls to my Oncology office and conversations about whether or not it was ok to have my tooth pulled, I finally was able to get the work done. This was the biggest ordeal, I was about ready to tie a string around my molar and close the door to pull it myself.

Now that the tooth is gone I am feeling 100% better.

The most irronic part of the story....While I was off having my tooth pulled, Shelby lost a tooth too (I didn't even know she had a loose tooth). Since they didn't give me my old tooth I asked her if she would share her money that the tooth fairy left her with me. Haaaa...Speaking of which, the tooth fairy was very tired Saturday night and forgot to visit Shelby but somehow she made her way into her room in the morning and slipped a couple bucks under her pillow. Shelby was a little suspicious and said she has her eye on me????? She turned 9 last week, these things are getting harder to pull off, I don't like it, I want her to stay young!!


Blogger Sis said...

I love the fact Shelby told you I got my eye on you...She is such a cutie pie....xoxoxoxo

3:48 PM  

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