Friday, February 16, 2007


This gives you an idea of how close we were, no zoom here
I see his tattoo peaking out, very HOT!!!
Singing his heart out.

Yes, I was so very fortunate to be able to go see Daughtry again. I have seen Chris in person 3 times in 9 days...Oh I am feeling so spoiled. So the latest sighting was at their show in Tucson Arizona. My bestest friend was not able to come with me because she came down with a bad ear infection prior to the day we were due to fly out so my sister ended up getting to go with me instead. I can probably sum up our Tucson experience in just a few words.

Tucson = Radiator Springs (for those of you that have seen the movie Cars) This town was small and did not have much going on.

The Rock (show venue) = Very Small and with the amount of people they had crammed in there I believe we were definately violating a fire code.

Chris Daughtry = Dreamy as usual and yes, I did get his autograph on the picture of him and I as well as the picture of him, the girls, and I.

Anyways, this was a fun whirlwind of a trip. The show in SF was better because you didn't have to shove your way though mobs of people just to get to the bathroom or door or whereever. This place was just way too crowded. The craziest thing, they said they still had tickets available. I guess this must have been Tucson's big event so they were trying to make it as profitable as possible by shoving us all in this little club like a pack of sardines.

After the show he came out to sign autographs pretty quick and while he was signing my pics they said, "only 5 more people". I got lucky but I did feel bad for the line of 100 people behind me that were sent home with no autograph. Well maybe they can catch him next time. I am still living on the excitement of seeing him perform live. I really enjoy his music so much.


Blogger Sis said...

We had a blast crowds and all I love seeing your smiling face when he performs that was my highlight. Thanks to Sis's bestest friend for my plane ticket...Love you xo

12:19 PM  

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