Saturday, May 26, 2007

My New Pet

Here's Stormy, isn't he a cutie

I love mom's sink, makes a perfect bed
Shelby and Stormy looking into each other's baby blues

As some of you may know, my sister is the proud owner of 3 cats now. These are not just your everyday cat, they are Ragdolls. Well, she got me looking at the website for the breeder that she got her 2 youngest cats from. I instantly fell in love with one of the kittens but at the time the breeder was not sure if she was going to keep him for breeding or not. Well, last week I received the best news, she decided to let him go and decided that if I was still interested in him, I could have him. I immediately thought this was a "sign" and the girls and I drove out to pick him up. He has been home with us for a week now and he is a total LOVE!!! I never knew a cat could make me so happy. Vince is not as thrilled as I am but I find it funny that my cat senses his lack of enthusiasm. Our kitten's name is Stormy and he loves to cuddle up with Vince and follow him around. It's the cutest thing. I also caught Vince playing with him a few times even though he will never admit that he actually likes our kitty, that's just not a "manly thing to do. Haaaa...

On another note, Shelby had her last day of school yesterday, she is now officially going to be a 4th grader and I am officially in denial!!!


Blogger Jeri said...

Is that the most perfect cat or what? She is lucky are you?? My persian used to love hanging out in the hubby was never a cat person but he has grown fond of Zeke over time and was devastated when we lost our tabby years back.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Brooke & Brandi said...

How gorgeous! The girls really want a cat, but with two dogs, what do you do????

9:14 PM  
Blogger Becca said...

So cute!!!

3:03 PM  
Blogger sis143 said...

Stormy is adorable can't wait to see him again and give him kisses..I love the picture of him and woobs..xoxo

5:28 PM  
Blogger Dolores said...

What a beautiful kitty!! So adorable; lucky you..

5:42 PM  

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