Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gettin Hot In Here

Sydney's Girl Scout, well Daisy Troop had a field trip to the local fire station today. The girls got to watch a safety video while relaxing in the firemen's nice recliners and they got a complete tour of the station. They also let the girls sit in the back of the truck and put on their headphones and talk to one another, I think that was the girls favorite part. I told Sydney to ask where their pole was but she said she already knew, hmmmm, that's funny cause it was a one story station so there was no pole. Guess she just didn't want to ask but she did ask me on the way home where their black and white dog was. Haaa, I thought that was cute, no dalmation at that station. We had fun and were so thankful the firemen were so nice and willing to tell us and show us everything.


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